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Recreation and Park District

Private Boats

Most private boats are welcome at Lake Cuyamaca, however they must be inspected by a ranger before being launched onto the lake.

Private boat launching is available most days, however due to weather or other events there may be some limitations. We always recommend calling the day before to check conditions.

For a list of boats and equipment not allowed on the lake, please click here.

Launch Ramp fee: $8

All boats and private motors including canoes, kayaks, float tubes and waders (click here for float tube information) must be inspected for quagga and zebra mussel before being launched onto the lake unless it has a tag from Lake Cuyamaca. We don’t accept tags from other lakes. If there is any sign of contamination you must have your boat or equipment decontaminated* before launch.












Size: usually about 3/4" but up to 2"

We will ask how long it has been since the boat has been in use and what body of water it was in previously. We will inspect the private vessel or equipment to determine if it needs decontamination.

ALL outboard motors will be decontaminated at no cost to the customer. If it is determined that the boat or equipment need decontamination, we will start the process while sending the customer back to the Tackle Shop to pay for the decontamination

and to get the proper paperwork.

Please bring your boat and/or equipment


                            *Banding Station, Decontamination Unit and

             Access Gates Funded by California

               State Parks Division of Boating and

                   Waterways. Operated and maintained

                                   by Lake Cuyamaca Recreation and Park District.

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