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Duck Hunting


Adult Duck Hunt

Junior Waterfowl Hunt


Lake Cuyamaca is well known for its excellent "big duck" hunting, i.e. mallards, pintail and widgeon. Hunting takes place all day on Wednesdays, and Sunday mornings until 10am during December and January.

Experience has shown that the majority of our birds do not arrive until after December 1 and for this reason we do not hunt the main lake during the first half of the season. 

Management will initially place seven double blinds for the use of season members. Season members are accepted on a first received basis with payment of the $550 fee. Payment guarantees the member and a guest the use of the blind a minimum of six times during the season.

Management will assign actual dates as soon as the season membership list is complete. A drawing will be held and dates and blinds will be assigned on a rotational basis.


Register early as membership is limited to assure quality hunting.

Please email for more information. Include your full name and phone number.


Junior Waterfowl Hunt

Each year, on the first Saturday after the regular season closes, Lake Cuyamaca sponsors a Junior Waterfowl Hunt.


At least seven juniors are assigned to a blind with an experienced volunteer waterfowl hunter. Juniors learn about hunting safety, setting decoys, calling birds, using dogs to retrieve downed birds and all the joys of waterfowl hunting.

Juniors wishing to participate in this program should send a postcard with their name, address, phone number, age and hunting license number to:

Lake Cuyamaca Junior Waterfowl Hunt
15027 Hwy. 79
Julian, CA 92036

The Junior Waterfowl Hunt is open to Juniors

between 12 and 15 years of age.

For additional information please send an email to

Adult Duck Hunt
Junior Waterfowl Hunt
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