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Duck Hunting

Lake Cuyamaca Waterfowl Hunt Comes to a Close With The Annual “Junior” Hunt and Competitive Shootout


The restricted waterfowl hunting season is at an end and we would like to thank Jay Blaylock and Scott Guyton for their time and effort that made this year’s waterfowl hunt a success. In addition, Jay has a junior water fowl hunt after the end of the season where the young guns come in for a day to participate in a morning shoot at Lake Cuyamaca. They were welcomed in the early morning with muffins, doughnuts, Sunny D, and bottled water during their morning safety meeting before hiking in to their respective blinds for the morning shoot. After a morning of waterfowl hunting the group gathered up at The Pub at Lake Cuyamaca for a sponsored lunch of scrambled eggs, pancakes, bacon, a side of fruit, coffee, hot chocolate, milk, or juice for all of those who participated, then they were off to the south end of the lake for a clay pigeon competitive “shoot out”. A raffle was held for a EAA MC312 Camouflage 12 gauge 3.5” Semi-Automatic Shotgun acquired at Turner’s Outdoors in El Cajon. Sunny Trent, store manager, has always supported the event and this year she gave us a greatly reduced price on the shotgun and donated hats, clay pigeons, shell pouches, “cyclops” headlamps, and Midland 2-way radios. She is a great angler, too! The Lake kicked in safety glasses, the semi-automatic shotgun, clay pigeons, 12 and 20 gauge shot gun shells, hand warmers, breakfasts and lunches……..a good time was had by all…… Wyatt Simonds won the competitive shoot in a double overtime shootout with Barnett Palmer by one clay.

Celinda Carigg won the raffle and the Semi-Automatic Shotgun from Turner’s Outdoors…..congratulations to all the young guns !!!!


The young guns who participated were……


Wyatt Simonds….age 15

Celinda Carigg……age 12

Nick Wager………..age 15-1/2 

Slate Moody….……age 9

Palmer Barnett…..age 15

Jake Saint……………age 14

Alexander Saint....age 13

Samantha Corliss..age 14


Lake Cuyamaca is well known for its excellent "big duck" hunting, i.e. mallards, pintail and widgeon. Hunting takes place on Wednesdays and Sundays during December and January.

Experience has shown that the majority of our birds do not arrive until after December 1 and for this reason we do not hunt the main lake during the first half of the season. However, if early fall rains and the arrival of enough ducks warrants the opening of the East Lake during the first half, we will do so.

Management will initially place seven double blinds for the use of season members. Season members are accepted on a first received basis with payment of the $550 fee. Payment guarantees the member and a guest the use of the blind a minimum of six times during the season.


Additional opportunities may develop if we get early rains

and can open up the East Lake.

Management will assign actual dates as soon as the season membership list is complete. A drawing will be held and dates and blinds will be assigned on a rotational basis.


Register early as membership is limited to assure quality hunting.

Please email for more information. Include your full name and phone number.


Junior Waterfowl Hunt

Each year, on the first Saturday after the regular season closes, Lake Cuyamaca sponsors a Junior Waterfowl Hunt.


At least seven juniors are assigned to a blind with an experienced volunteer waterfowl hunter. Juniors learn about hunting safety, setting decoys, calling birds, using dogs to retrieve downed birds and all the joys of waterfowl hunting.

Juniors wishing to participate in this program should send a postcard with their name, address, phone number, age and hunting license number to:

Lake Cuyamaca Junior Waterfowl Hunt
15027 Hwy. 79
Julian, CA 92036

The Junior Waterfowl Hunt is open to Juniors

between 12 and 15 years of age.

For additional information please send an email to